Coaching for Executives

Unleash your potential, exceed your  limits!


Become more efficient, Overcome your Challenges, Achieve your Goals faster with the help of a Certified Coach and an Experienced CFO

I have been a CFO for 15 years in France and abroad and I have coached both in English and in French, executives and professionals, then I know very well all these questions and even more...

How do you find the time to work on these questions with an ever increasing workload? Taking a step back is required, however it must be supported. The power of coaching allows this. 

As a certified coach, I’ve choosen to help Executives, Lawyers and other Professionals to overcome their challenges and to achieve their goals faster.

Beyond your technical expertise, I help you to think about your goals, about your challenges and to develop your behavioural talents, which are the keys for your success in your career. You can increase your chance of guaranteed results by choosing to be coached by an experienced CFO and certified coach. This powerful coaching combination, strengthened by an expertise in business and managerial issues, plus the drive for results, can unlock your own potential, always with the will to achieve the desired performance and success.

Coaching with a Coach for Executives:

- Questioning your issues

- Active listening

  1. -Mirror effect

  2. -Feedback

- Golden® personality type profiler

- Exploration of solutions

- Unconditional support



  1. -Overcome your challenges

  2. -Find the job that suits you

- Develop your behavioural talents

- Strengthen your skills

- Increase your business performance

  1. -Reach your goals, maybe more


You become more fulfilled in life.

Your role during the mission:

- Step back

  1. -Gain awareness

  2. -Compare your solutions with an expert

  3. -Actions agreed during sessions

- Implementation of learnings

- Succession of incremental progress


You are questioning yourself about:

  1. -Business performance

  2. -Find a new job, career transition

  3. -Communications skills

  4. -Managerial skills

  5. -Stress management

  6. -Expatriation

  7. -Career development

- Life balance      …

Book your 30 minutes free coaching session over the phone now, contact me:

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Mobile : +33 (0)6 09 01 39 53

You’ll get the opportunity to explore your current objective or challenge, to test your potential for success and obtain preliminary answers about your questions.

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